Walking Free


The Walking Free project is an international prosthetic training and physical rehabilitation education program which began in 2000. At its inception, Walking Free was created as a program of Physicians for Peace, an American not-for-profit. During the following years Walking Free actively worked in countries such as Jordan, Turkey and the Dominican Republic to grow partnerships with rehabilitation professionals in developing education and training programs.  In 2015 a decision by Physicians for Peace to refocus its efforts toward primary care and surgical medicine created a partnership gap for the Walking Free project.

The desire to reestablish itself has led to a new partnership for Walking Free as the program has evolved during this transition.  Mission Gait is the newly chosen not-for-profit organization which now serves in partnership with Walking Free. The focus of Mission Gait is to empower the physical rehabilitation community, through education and research, to help individuals with complex gait disabilities. Along with this new leadership, Walking Free will continue its mission of “training, supporting, and empowering rehabilitation professionals in developing nations, revolutionizing the care they provide to the most marginalized in their communities.”

We hope the Walking Free collaboration with Mission Gait will provide a platform for outreach and growth with maximum patient impact.