The Roadmap

Mission Gait seeks to change forever how rehabilitation is provided to patients with complex gait disabilities. We can achieve self-sustaining change by 2036, and the roadmap to get there is as unique, simple, and effective as the model it promotes.


 The map starts with the patient.

Through focused outreach, Mission Gait will bring patients from across the country, who have the most complex conditions, to the Gait Center in Richmond, VA. The Project will provide treatment in collaboration with the Center, and as needed, assist the patients with costs for travel and lodging. 

The journey engages more people by “training the trainer,” ensuring that every patient has a hometown provider who can continue to provide treatment.

The Project’s team will travel to patients’ hometowns to deliver a Foundational Course to their health care providers, who earn Continuing Education Units for attending. The two-day course covers both the therapeutic approach as well as how to incorporate the approach into an existing business model. One patient becomes the catalyst for embedding the model in an entire market. 



The path assumes permanence through the Gait Certification Program.

Providers enroll in the self-directed Certification Course that takes about 18 months to complete. The course uses a combination of tools, from online courses to hands-on practice to social media. Students travel to Richmond for the final Certification Test. Upon completion, each graduate joins a database of Certified Gait Providers. The Mission Gait Project also is establishing a research program, which will grow along with the provider base. The program will serve as a resource for information and best practices, and help providers make evidence-based decisions to help patients everywhere.


 The quest achieves sustainability by helping providers continue to build on best practices.

The Project will establish a self-sustaining Gait World Congress for experts continue to share knowledge and produce research that will shape how complex patient care is provided for years to come.