Our Courses


OUR MISSION: To empower the physical rehabilitation community, through education and research, to help patients with complex gait disabilities learn to move again with confidence.


Gait Theory and Practice Course

WHO IS THIS FOR: Professionals, Hospitals, and Conferences

OVERVIEW: Advance clinicians knowledge of gait analysis processes, gait dysfunction diagnostics, and gait rehabilitation principles under the guidance of Mission Gait’s ideal practice methods.

  • 3 Day Course

  • CEU: 1.5

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University Partnerships

WHO IS THIS FOR: Universities and Community Colleges

OVERVIEW: Expose your students in the Doctor of Physical Therapy or Physical Therapist Assistant programs, to a variety of lectures and lab sessions with hands on diagnostic opportunities.

  • 8-Week Topics Classes

  • 3-8 Hour Guest Lectures


Local In-Services

WHO IS THIS FOR: Clinics, Hospitals, and Conferences

OVERVIEW: Improve your practice by customizing an in-services of 1-2 hours. We are able to cover a variety of topics and patient populations within the context of gait rehabilitation.

  • Lunch Discussion

  • Evening Workshop

  • Morning Workshop

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FREE Resource Library!

WHO IS THIS FOR: Patients, Professionals, and Students

OVERVIEW: Enhance your knowledge by leveraging our resource library that is a collection of resources to implement outcome measures, improve your skills with video case studies, and instructional videos. We have also compiled a recommended reading list for patients and professionals alike.

  • Outcome measure Toolkits

  • Case Studies

  • Videos

  • Recommended Reading


Instructor Library

WHO IS THIS FOR: Physical Therapy Faculty, Lecturers, Instructors

OVERVIEW: While we instruct our local courses, we also have an instructor library available to anyone interested in teaching gait evaluation and treatment to physical therapy students. This is a collection of lecture and lab materials that enable clinicians, lecturers, and faculty members to teach gait rehabilitation to the next generation of rehabilitation professionals.

Contact us to learn more and receive access to this FREE resource!