Gait Certification

The Gait Certification Program is a path for physical therapists to gain skills and training in the area of gait rehabilitation. There are multiple steps that increase in depth, difficulty, and involvement as participants move through the program. It is designed to increase understanding of both normal and abnormal gait and focuses on theory, observation, treatment modalities, and how to incorporate treatment for complex patients into your practice. 


1. Foundational Course

  1. This course introduces gait theory, rehabilitation principles, and offers practical tools and tips for working with patients with gait impairments. It is offered several times a year as a two-day weekend continuing education course. Find a course near you by clicking on the “Find a Course” button below, or contact us.


2. Self-Directed Study

Practitioners who have completed the Foundational Course and are interested in pursuing the gait certification may be eligible to continue through the Self-Directed Study. This is a series of modules, activities, tests, and podcasts that participants must complete within 18 months following the completion of the Foundational Course. The course guides the participant through a more in-depth approach to gait rehabilitation for orthopedic, neurologic, and pediatric conditions, as well as special content areas such as prosthetic & orthotic training. Please contact us for more information.


3. Certification Test

Upon completion of the Foundational Course and the Self-Directed Study, participants travel to one of our partner clinics for hands-on training and the Certification Test.

*currently only offered in Richmond


4. Certified Provider Network

The names of newly-certified therapists will be published in the database of certified providers. This database will be accessible on our website for patients and other providers to find clinicians certified in gait training. Therapists will be able to continue their skill development and engage with other certified providers and gait experts at the annual Gait World Congress. For more information, visit the Gait World Congress page.