3-8 Hour Guest Lectures

Course Description

This course will expose the student to the examination and treatment of patients with various gait impairments within the setting of Lawrence Rehabilitation - The Gait Center. The Gait Center is an outpatient physical therapy clinic specializing in management of complex gait impairments including prosthetic gait, Parkinson’s disease, peripheral neuropathy, and various other conditions. It will be in collaboration with Mission Gait, a non-profit organization focused on gait research, education, and promotion of a gait training subspecialty within physical therapy.

 The students will learn by observation and participation in the various aspects of clinical care for individuals with gait impairments. Students will also learn through interactive lecture with group discussion and case studies. Significant emphasis will be placed on understanding normal, functional gait for the purpose of preparing the student to distinguish normal gait patterns from pathological. Pathological gait evaluation and interventions will be discussed in lecture with application of this material during clinical hours.

  Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this module the student will be able to:

 1.     differentiate between the components of normal and pathological gait patterns.

 2.     develop intervention strategies for physical therapy management of pathological gait.

 3.     perform a basic gait analysis for multiple clients with a variety of gait impairments and verbalize the findings to the course instructor.

 4.     apply and interpret standardized outcome measures for various gait disorders based on client history and complaints.

 5.     demonstrate evidence-based clinical decision making to develop basic individualized treatment programs based upon client history and complaints.

 6.     demonstrate the ability to work efficiently and effectively within a group to perform a literature review and subsequent presentation of findings to practicing physical therapists.